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Remote dust detector
Remote dust detector

Remote Dust Monitoring systems
Given the uncertainty regarding future dust emissions and their potential large impact in human lives and the economy, the importance of deploying alert mechanisms for dust storms is imperative. These should include advanced observation systems and forecasting, tightly integrated in effective early warning systems, that will improve preparedness and emergency response.

Raymetrics, combining almost two decades of innovative lidar development with partnerships with scientific leaders, produces an integrated dust monitoring system that provides unsurpassed monitoring capability and accuracy in dust forecasting and early warning.

Raymetrics offers:
• State-of-the-art lidar dust detection systems
• Advanced data analysis
• Modelling services and forecasting
• Cloud-based visualization and control platform

A whole new dimension in Environmental Operations
Dust aerosols impact the climate system by influencing the radiation budget, cloud processes,
and various biogeochemical cycles. Due to numerous impacts of dust on health, environment and
climate, there is high societal and research interest to:
- better understand the atmospheric dust process
 -prevent its unwanted impacts
-predict dust transport events Innovative techniques and methodologies contribute to better understanding all related processes to any such event. 


Remote Dust Monitoring systems for higher efficiency in observations
Unlike any other sensors, Raymetrics products are the only systems to provide, scientific-grade
dust measurements up to 20Km.
What are the benefits to Meteorology and Related Agencies?
• Better equip forecasters to issue more precise and detailed forecasts
• Significantly contribute to reducing the impact of hazards
• Reduce costs and save lives

Intelligent remote sensing advantages
• It works day and night as it is based on its own source of radiation.
• It gives near real-time results, since no sampling and time-consuming chemical analyses are required.
• Fully automated-remotely controlled.

Raymetrics is to become the first atmospheric LIDAR manufacturer able to offer certifications for
its products, and for their systematic uncertainties, from LiCAL/ACTRIS, according to document
The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified

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Integrated Solutions
for Early Dust Detection
and Forecasting

Key features
• Accurate detection and quantification of dust aerosol, from the ground up to 20 km altitude.
• Vertical profiling for dust can be used as a bridge between in situ and satellite observations.
• Remotely detects incoming dust and indicates time of arrival, helping forecasters for early warning
• Remote sensing observations with Raymetrics systems based in Lidar technique provide:
-near real time monitoring
-model data, verification/validation
-model data assimilation regional aerosol characterization
• Distinguish dust from other aerosol types (e.g. urban pollution, smoke), based on state-of-the-art aerosol depolarization measurements.
•Helps local Authorities to conform to AQD Directive (EC,2008).
Also suitable for
Meteorological Agencies