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Fully Custom-Designed Systems
DIAL Systems, Telescopes, LIDAR Stations
Fully Custom-Designed Systems
DIAL Systems, Telescopes, LIDAR Stations

Raymetrics offers a wide variety of options within the standard product range. However we also produce fully customized LIDAR designs for products which cannot be built from our modular components. These can include entire LIDAR stations, Differential Absorption LIDARs (DIAL Systems) for ozone and potentially for other gases, and LIDAR components such as specialist telescopes. 

Raymetrics telescopes are designed especially for LIDARs, with a focal point inside the telescope (as opposed to at the back where an eye-piece would be for atronomical telescopes). This reduces the size and weight, but more importantly also allows the secondary mirror to be smaller, resulting in reduced obscuration and up to 40% increased signal.

Mirror coatings are designed for wavelengths beyond the visible light range (for UV and IR wavelengths). Optical quality glass is also used for telescope windows, thereby reducing chromatic aberration, which is extremely important for multi-wavelength LIDARs. Glass is also not used to focus, which also results in chromatic aberration.

200, 300 or 400 mm telescopes are available as standard, with other custom sizes on request. 

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Key features
- Range up to 10km horizontal, 15km vertical (with excellent Signal to Noise Ratio >10)
- Proven operation in airport and aviation settings
- Complies with ISO 28902-1:2012 - Ground based remote sensing of visual range with LIDAR
- Eye-safe (defined by EU standard on laser safety 60825-1:2007)
- Complete software package including real-time data display and automated measurement scheduling
- Ability to program scans in any directions
- Flexible networking options - fully operable from remote networked workstations via built-in Ethernet port or LAN connection (controllable even over WiFi, such as from a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone)
- Weatherproof enclosure with climate control options for almost all environmental conditions
- Telescope designed by Raymetrics specifically for lidars, increasing signal efficiency by as much as 40% compared to off-the-shelf telescopes
- Optical quality glass for emitter and receiver windows to prevent chromatic aberration
- 200 mm telescope for increased signal detection relative to smaller telescopes
- High energy laser emitting 30mJ per pulse at 355nm for increased range and data quality compared to lower energy lasers
Also suitable for
• PBL structure/mixing height
• Weather model forecast validation
• Air quality/pollution model remote data
• Volcanic ash/smoke/dust identification
• Volcanic ash layer altitudes
• Humidity profiling (upgrade - night only)
• Cloud/precipitation measurement
• Aerosol loading/layering
• Optical depth (vertical visibility)