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3D fire detector
3D fire detector

A whole new dimension in wildfire detection
Raymetrics has set new rules in the detection of wildfires by introducing a new 3D Lidar scanner. Each system is an autonomous unit that is easily movable and functional.  The system can be remotely operated, and network connected.

3d fire graph

• These systems provide real-time data for the occurrence of any fire, as well as for the evolution of existing fires and other natural phenomena, remotely.
• Τhe early detection of fires, has an immediate effect on improving the protection of natural resources and significant benefit to the general public on minimizing habitat loss.
• In addition, there is a reduction in injuries and impacts on life and property resulting from devastating forest fires.
• The instrument/s are connected to a control center, so that when there is a fire indication, the competent authorities are immediately informed in order to respond  effectively to the phenomenon.

Full coverage with an integrated platform including:
• Infrared cameras for a more effective monitoring network (the overall system deployment depends on site size, accessibility and soil morphology).
• Raymetrics software can be fully combined with Satellite data to offer the benefit of both techniques.

Raymetrics is to become the first atmospheric LIDAR manufacturer able to offer certifications for
its products, and for their systematic uncertainties, from LiCAL/ACTRIS, according to document
The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified

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Since 2002 Raymetrics has been designing and manufacturing atmospheric remote sensing systems for meteorological and other similar applications. Today we are the world leader in the rising wave of remote sensing technology in operational and commercial sectors such as Meteorology, Aviation, Environmental Protection, Mining, Oil & Gas and Heavy Industry.

Key features
• Remote 3D monitoring.
• A single system can monitor an area of at least 80 million square meters (circle with a radius of 5Km).
• Detects smoke instead of fire, thus no direct line of sight is needed.
• Spatial resolution 15 meters and temporal resolution 5 minutes.
• Cost-effective solution for covering such large areas.
• Low maintenance costs.
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