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Applications for meteorology

Operational Weather Monitoring

1.  PBL studies

2.  Remote temperature measurements

3.  Remote Humidity

5.  Atmospheric profiling

6.  Cloud detection

Weather Warning Phenomena

1. Volcanic Ash

2. Dust

3. Fire smoke

4. Fog


Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL)
The Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) is important for everything from climate to air quality studies. LIDARs with high spatial and temporal resolution can monitor the PBL in a high amount o...
Remote Humidity
Relative humidity (RH) is a crucial parameter for atmospheric research and Meteorology, as it represents the current state of water vapor and ambient air related to saturation. The inte...
Remote Dust Monitoring
Suspended sand and dust generates semi-permanent patterns of local and regional scales that persist in the atmosphere for several days. Moreover dust can be transported downwind affecting...
Volcanic Ash detection
The 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption caused massive disruption to air traffic. Many other volcanic events are continuously causing severe disturbance to world air traffic such as cancellati...