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Applications for Airports, Civil Aviation Authorities and Aviation Meteorology

  • Visibility

Provides Slant Visual Range (SVR) – more accurate reflection of pilot’s visibility compared to Runway Visual Range (RVR)

  • Scanning Ceilometer

Provides 3D cloud base (total ceiling) instead of cloud height at a single point like a ceilometer (which is a basic LIDAR)

  • Fog incoming bangs Detection for Better Forecasting

Remotely detects incoming fog banks and indicates time of arrival – function not provided by current equipment helping forecasters for early warning scenarios

  • Cases for Early Warning Operation for special cases (Volcanic ash, natural dust, fire smoke)
Cloud base height is currently measured using ceilometers, which are in reality low spec LIDAR systems. LIDAR is therefore already the standard method of determining cloud base height. ...
Remote Visibility / Fog
Aerosol LIDARs can provide visibility measurement, including Slant Visual Range (SVR - visibility up the glide slope), Runway Visual Range (RVR), and Vertical Optical Range (VOR - visibil...
Remote Dust Monitoring
Suspended sand and dust generates semi-permanent patterns of local and regional scales that persist in the atmosphere for several days. Moreover dust can be transported downwind affecting...
Volcanic Ash detection
The 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption caused massive disruption to air traffic. Many other volcanic events are continuously causing severe disturbance to world air traffic such as cancellati...